Monday, March 29, 2010

The last few months...

In the last few months, we have had several hospital and doctor visits. We've realized the windows in our house don't really keep the cold out, and one particular door doesn't really keep out the spiders (or the cold). Then Brayden got healthy, Daddy got sick, the dishwasher exploded, the fuel pump in the Xterra stopped pumping fuel and the oven took a sh**t. The state of Minnesota is demanding 6% sales tax on the two vehicles we purchased years ago as Montana residents, and I have to find my shredded Montana drivers liscence to prove my citizenship. To make it all worse, my curling iron, which also seperates into a flat iron refuses to heat up (you should see my frizz ball hair do today!). It's been a challenging winter for our family.

I say all of this to you for one reason, and one reason only. It isn't so that you will feel bad for us either. It is because I read the Pioneer Woman's blog the other day, and they got stuck in a ditch, got out, fed the wild mustangs and on their way home, in the middle of a spring snow storm, they ripped the drive train out of their truck.

And I felt better.

Not in a vindictive, I hate her anyway, sort of way. I felt better, because it happens to them too. I write this, so you will feel better too. Maybe it will help you feel like we are all in this together. Whether a drunk driver turned your life upside down, the baby you have been praying for came 7 weeks early, insurance refuses to cover you, your job has disappeared, the baby you desperatly want to be part of your life refuses to turn the urine stick positive, or a much anticipated pregnancy disappeared five weeks into it's nine month journey, your boss is threatening, the money just will not last or your three year old is about to drive you out of your mind. We are all in this together.

I write this so you can laugh when you get psoriasis medicine for your birthday, and can think "they are getting through it, we will too". I write this so that when empty Zantac bottles fill up your Easter basket, you will be take comfort in the fact that it happens to all of us, and we are all in this together. And we will all get through it together, even if you have to call and cry, just because this moment is so tough. And you can always, always call just to cry, or swear, or just say "poop".

Speaking of Easter, Brayden met the Eater bunny this weekend. Here is the proof (smooshed up against his cheek):

And there was egg hunting!

Look at him go!

And what is an Easter Celebration without a fire truck?

From the trenches,

The Suggs Family


Kayla said...

This was such a wonderful post! It made me cry! Thank you for writing this and for the way you have been here for me. I love you!

LIFE in POTS said...