Monday, March 29, 2010

The Kindest Thing…

About 15 months ago, some one did the kindest thing for me. It was the day we brought Brayden home from the hospital. We introduced him to Grizzly. We introduced him to Peanut. And then we needed a nap. It had been a really long weekend.

We very gently placed Brayden in his crib, and I climbed into bed. Then Jeremiah climbed into bed. And I panicked.

“You are going to take a nap, too?!”

“Yes, I haven’t slept in a really long time.”

“But who is going to watch Brayden?!”

“He’s sleeping.”

“But he is so far away!”

Brayden was exactly 24 feet away. Sleeping like a baby. I was bawling. He was So. Far. Away.

Jeremiah stood up, rubbed his face, and said, “I am going to go get a bassinet”.

Never mind we said we didn’t need one. Never mind the two foot hallway was all that separated us. If we were ever going to get any sleep again, we needed one.

Jeremiah went to Walmart, Kmart, and Shopko before he stopped into the second hand store and found one we could afford. Then he came home, set it up and washed the sheets, while I sat on the bed, holding my sleeping baby. Then Jeremiah moved it into the space between my dresser and the wall, six inches from my face. I laid Brayden down in the bassinet, climbed under the covers and fell peacefully asleep.

And that is the kindest thing anyone has ever, ever done for me.


Kayla said...

That is so sweet! It just about made me cry!

Anonymous said...

That's such a poignant story- I know exactly where you were coming from- and it's really well written. I loved it. Thanks for sharing it. LC x