Monday, April 12, 2010

Tough Little Guy

Brayden had a very fun, very tough weekend.

On Friday, he worked really hard to sleep off his busy week, his little emotions and lack of naps at daycare (he just decides not to take one). When we went outside, he picked up a pile of old dog poop, just to see what it was. Then we ran in the house and washed our hands.

On Saturday, Grammie, Buppa and Uncle Paul came to visit. Before they arrived our little guy fell backwards out of his wagon (he was sitting on the top of the backrest), and I turned around just in time to watch him land. I held him as he caught his breath, and then it was back to climbing (I may have a heart attack before he is two).

About 10 minutes later, he was playing on one side of the tree and I was peeking at him from the other. His laughter was just enough to throw him off balance, and he fell forehead first onto a stick that was standing straight up. Then we went inside to hydrogen peroxide his puncture wound.

Buppa helped Daddy put in the new door downstairs (no more spiders!), Uncle Paul and Zoey split up ALL of the wood in the pasture and Grammie kept an eye on Brayden so he wouldn't have any more accidents that day. Whew!

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Kayla said...

Makes me feel a little better that Jordan is not the only one these things happen to. She biffed it on the sidewalk last week and has a huge scrape on her nose. Hope his "puncture wound" is ok!