Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shot number two

Brayden is so tough. Today he got shot number two from Helen, a nurse that I work with. He barely cried. I can't believe how tough this tiny little guy is. After we left the hospital we had a few hours of errands to run and we took him out to dinner.

We both really think the shots are working. Today, between the two of us, we wiped his nose somewhere less than 20 times (that is a vast improvement). The ENT also told us to stop sucking out his nose with the aspirator, as that was causing negative pressure and making him feel worse. Funny, our new (and former) doctor basically told me I was stupid for not aspirating his little nose, so we went and got the battery powered one. Turned out, I wasn't stupid (again!). Are they ever going to have a category for Mom's Thoughts on Her Baby?

Anyway, he ate an entire plate full of macaroni and cheese (it was off of the kids menu and HUGE!) along with some mandrin orange segments. All while entertaining the three tables of mixed generations around us. Very impressive!

We can't wait until he REALLY feels good!

I am putting all of my hopes on these tubes.

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