Friday, December 18, 2009

Emergency Tubes

We saw the ENT today.
Brayden is getting tubes in his ears on Monday. The doctor looked in each ear, asked how long his ears had been this way and what we had done to help him. After we told him the ear infection hadn't gone away after three months and our laundry list of antibiotics (both oral and intravienously) he said "well, I am afraid the ear drums are going to rupture. We are going to schedule an emergency procedure for Monday. But I will be out of town so some one else will have to do it. He also needs 3 very painful intramuscular injections of antibiotics to help clear this up. Is he always so happy?"

We left with the time of the procedure, the paperwork for his pre-op physical and directions to Children's West.

After we bugged our doctor's office long enough, I got Brayden in for his exam and his shot (POOR BABY!). There was enough time for the doc to make sure that my pink eye is also gone, and get scheduled at the local hospital for shots 2 and 3 this weekend. We didn't get to ask about anything else (the coughing and hacking and choking will have to wait I guess), but we are glad some one finally took this kid seriously!

Sorry, camera is still MIA, by the way. :(

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