Monday, December 14, 2009

Lost, Found, Wanted.

Lost: Digital camera that was origionally a wedding gift. Really hope to find it before baby's first Christmas. Would like to post photos of first visit with Santa and take a family picture. Seems impossible to do without camera.

Found: Pink eye...more specifically, two pink eyes, right and left, in blue-ish green on the cheeriest little face you can imagine. Target pharmacist now just hands us antibiotics when we walk by to purchase q-tips and toilet paper.

Wanted: Nanny. Benefits-401k, Dental and Health insurance are not available. But we can fill your day with flirtations, runny noses, sinus and ear infections that refuse to go away, fierce little hugs, sloppy kisses, unending doctors appointments, amazing milestones and really bad hours. And lots of hair balls. Vaccumming is part of the job description, but if it means less germs, vaccuming can be excused. Please apply in person. EOO for anyone who loves dogs, cats, dirt roads and poopy diapers.


Kayla said...

Oh no! Lost camera? What a terrible thing...ESPECIALLY this time of year! I hope you find it! Poor little guy! Pink eye now? My word! (I love your approach on the post by the way!) I hope you do find a nanny or that you can just stay home! Come back to MT; I'll watch him for you! I won't charge much! I'd be MORE than happy to take him.

LIFE in POTS said...

I told you to move here! I would love to watch him :)
I can't believe he has pink eye now and you don't have a camera to take pictures of it :( At least you can take some videos this Christmas.

Deandra said...

if you find a nanny who is up for the job lets include my children as a bonus! poor punkin head, it is one thing after another! yuck!!