Friday, December 4, 2009

Pnumonia? Kidney Infection? Sinnusitus.

Tuesday night Brayden had a fever again.
Wenesday, Daycare called-he has a fever again.
His fever was 104 by 11pm. He coughed and choked and coughed so much that we didn't sleep much. When we did he was propped up in our bed on pillows with our arms around him so he didn't go anywhere. When I woke up he was folded over my tummy, snuggled in, not bothered by my coughing until I finally had to move him.
But his fever wasn't gone, and I felt like I was losing my mind. So after coaxing a quick breakfast into him, I loaded him up into the truck with directions and we left for Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.
That place is amazing. No one is Dr. So and So and there are no egos to prevent quality care of such a little person (as we have run into so many times), and everyone from the admin people to the transportation people were wonderful. The wonderful nurses took such good care of Brayden (even when he screamed the entire 45 seconds I left him with one to go to the bathroom). And they were the first people to actually listen to me and pay attention to the things that were wrong instead of being fooled by Brayden's smiles and flirtations. We had an x-ray that was actually part of this century, no torture necessary (and I even got to wear a lead apron this time). When his lungs were clear, they tested his blood and found his white count to be very high so then they checked his kindeys (poor baby had a little catheter), and while they took his blood they put in an IV to replenish his fluids. When the kidney test came back negative, the doc came back and said that it was a raging sinus infection, and that is why his ears have been infected for two months. Just before we were packing up to go home the nurse who worked with us all day said "I am so happy you guys are going home. I really didn't think you would." That may not sound like much to anyone else, but to me it sounds like "You are not crazy! We think your baby is sick too!"

Now his is on a three week course of antibiotics (in addition to the ones he got in his IV). We soaked in the bathtub when we got home to wash off the hospital. This time there were even bubbles!

Finally, knowing he was okay, instead of just hoping, I got 12 restful hours of sleep. Brayden, miracoulosly, got 14!

I really think he is feeling better today though, and this is why. Yesterday, when he was done with his breakfast, he threw his cup on the ground and said "all done". :)


Denise said...

Yay! I'm glad he's feeling better...and you guys can sleep.

LIFE in POTS said...

Oh, I am so happy. And he is adorable at the hospital :)

shazam said...

those hospital pics are really cute. so glad he's getting better.