Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shot number three

Shot number three was a tough shot, as for some reason it went in both legs simultaneously. But by the time we were in the truck headed for home, he was jibber jabbering away. Before we left for the hospital, I woke Brayden from his nap to find his ear covered in something kind of yucky, and he was uncomfortable. So that eardrum ruptured, or the ear finally drained. Either way, between that and the shots, Brayden had another first today. He stood up on his own! It was so cool!

He also got to ride in his very first sled (Jeremiah and I are terrible at waiting to give presents).

Can you belive Brayden is turning one in less than three weeks? I have been more emotional about him turning one than about me turning 30! I just can't believe how fast the year has gone by. It has been jam packed, tear and fun and and milestone filled. My cousin Nicky was having a house warming party about a week ago, and Brayden wasn't feeling well, so I was feeling particularly weepy. But our other cousins children were there and as I watched 11 year old Madison (I wish we lived closer to them, she will be a great babysitter) carry Brayden away to find some toys, I leaned over to ask Maddison's mom, "How do you do it? Isn't it hard to watch them get older?" Jody very kindly told me that there fun things at every age. Later as I watched her son run through the room with the other boys, I thought about his (Mason's) little journey through life. Mason was born with neuroblastema, a form of child hood cancer that doesn't have a very high survival rate. I thought about all of the struggles that they must have had, and then I thought a little bit more about Jody's answer. Very easily it could have been "you are just glad that they turn one".

With that in mind, I dry my tears, and prepare him for his tubes tomorrow, the celebration of the birth of Christ, and a healthy birthday party surrounded by his family, who love him so much that they have and will travel across the country to meet him; some for the first time, others to celebrate with joyous hearts like at so many other occasions that we now get to be a part of.

Thank you for being a part of our lives. Here are a few pictures from the last weeks of missing camera (we found it!).

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Kayla said...

Yay! You found your camera. I have to say your post brought tears to my eyes! And I am so excited Brayden stood on his own! Maybe he AND Jordan will be walking by Christmas! (She's started taking steps again!) We have the same sled for Jordan (more of a snow plow than a sled, don't you think?), my parents gave it to her as an early Christmas present too! So funny how alike everything is for us! Wish I could give you and the little guy hugs! You'll have to have Jeremiah give them to you for me! :) Merry Christmas!