Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice-Shortest Day of the Year and Tubes for Brayden

Today was the Winter Solstice-the shortest day of the year. And the shortest surgery! The procedure is a highly skilled procedure (just in case you don't know) where a tube is placed in a small incision in the eardrum. But if your ears are full of crap like Brayden's were, then that gets sucked out first. All of that happens after you are admitted, sign your paperwork and dress your little buddy in the same pajamas as all of the other little campers who are there for a same day procedure.

While we were waiting for our little person to be called in (Grandpa Steve came as our support person-Daddy had to of us had to anyway!), Brayden played with a few toys and all of the moms avoided looking at each other in order to hide the hysterics that were neatly covered with mascara and winter sweaters, but were laying just below the surface. Brayden, Grandpa Steve and I hung out on the couch while the anesthesiologist kindly talked us through his part. I interupted him about three seconds into his memorized speech to make sure I could hold him as he fell asleep. After he said I could, he told us what we would see while he fell asleep. Then the doctor who did the procedure came and explained his part. After that, they called us into the room, and I held Brayden while the nurse rubbed bubblegum flavored chapstick in his mask.

The anesthesiologist, who is specially trained to work with little guys, waved the mask closer and closer while Brayden got sleepier and sleepier and then was out and limp. My tears were no longer avoidable, and I was so glad my dad was there as I laid my baby on the table, and trusted these strangers to take the best possbile care of him. I straightend his pants and they let me have a cheek to kiss and then they took him out one door and we went out the other. One of the staff members quickly coralled us with tissues and brought us to the waiting room. 15 minutes later the surgeon was sitting in front of me telling me how to use the drops and when to use the ear plugs. Ten minutes after that I got to give Brayden his bottle and wrap him in his blankie while he entertained his grandpa with his anesthesia eyes. He was ready for another bottle of apple juice after his first bottle of formula, and awake enough for me to know that he was feeling better and going to enjoy the rest of shortest day of the least between naps. :)

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LIFE in POTS said...

YEAH!!!! Hard but good...thinnking of you all often.