Monday, May 18, 2009

Inch Worm Eats Cereal...

...and meets Gamma and Pappa!

We had a wirlwind of a week, so we will start from the begining. Brayden turned himself into an inch worm on the floor whenever he was on his tummy. We had been laughing at the little butt he keeps sticking up in the air, but we were a little surprised when he dug his toes into the blanket and then pushed his chest and shoulders forward...just like a little inchworm, over and over and over. It was very cute.

Later in the week, we moved onto another adventure: cereal!

It took a couple of tries, but he is really good at opening his mouth and asking for more! And mostly he keeps it in his mouth (unless Gammah is watching and then he seems to ham it up)...which brings us to Gamma and Pappa's visit!

We kept saying we need to take pictures, we need to take pictures,

but of course we didn't take that many. If I can get more from George and Karen,

I will post those too.

We also had our going away party with the HAWC staff (sad!).

Here are a few pictures from that:

And lastly, here is Brayden's first waltz with Gamma, ON VIDEO!

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Kayla said...

How fun! As always...Grizzly watching over everything from the outdoors!