Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet Home...Minnesota!

...Lord, we're coming home to you!

That is right, we are MOVING!!! I got the job at Buffalo Hospital! Brayden and Grizzly become official Minnesota residents on June 5th.

We are so excited.

Actually, we are excited about quite a bit!

Saturday Brayden really found his voice, and it turns out-he is a BIG talker! We spent my first mother's day giggleing over his new found joy and apple cinnamon pancakes. And on Monday, Daddy's birthday, Mr. Brayden spent some time sitting up, all by himself. Of course my favorite is that he started to snuggle down into my arms tonight-he will smile and giggle and then turn his head into my chest and snuggle up as close as he can (aaawww!!) before he looks to Daddy for another funny face.

And on Friday, our little guy will meet his Gamma and Pappa! What a week!

Things have really been coming together around the move. Bailey, the mustang, has been a worry, but I am getting help administering her vaccinations myself and we are picking up her cherry red, 1975, 2 horse trailer on Sunday. Now we just need to get her feet trimmed, the house sold and a transfer for Jeremiah (which shouldn't be too hard as he was employee of the month in March-his second month there!). We are so EXCITED!


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Shirley said...

You've got to keep these stories and pictures coming after you move so I can check in and see how you all are doing. You and Brayden have been such a joy to get to know. I just wish I'd met you sooner. God bless you all in your new home! I'm glad you get to be back around your family.

Emily said...

YAY YAY YAY!! Can't wait to hear about the new job!!!