Friday, May 22, 2009

BF Questions

Brayden is 4 months old and "still" breastfeeding. We have had a lot of questions lately about why we are going to breastfeed our baby "so long" (our goal is six months), even though I am back to work and it is kind of annoying to pump and wash parts and find a private plug in and all of the worries that accompany pumping. I admit, I have forgotten my pump parts several times and had to run home-good thing we live so close. Well, there are a bunch of reasons to stop, but there are a lot of reasons to continue. The most important one to us is that there have been 22 major recalls on formula (after it has already been distributed); the only recalls on breast milk are when Brayden himself throws it up, and those are not in any way, shape or form deadly. And we would like our baby to be as well prepared as possible for anything that might come his way and a more mature digestive system (even if it is only six months old) is one of the best ways to help that happen.
Here are a few other reasons, and the research that supports all of those reasons:

Even if you aren't super interested, check it out. You might be surpised.
I certianly was.
Here are some cute pictures:


LIFE in POTS said...

Breast is best for the 1st least that is what everyone keeps telling me, but I will admit that I get tired of doing it sometimes. That being said, Orson will stay more healthy , he has less of a chance to get the allergies that his Uncle Jon has and he will be smarter (according to research) the longer we can continue. Keep up the hard work Kelley and know that I am there doing it with you :)

Shirley said...

Oh Kelly, Brayden is so adorable! I miss getting to see him and his mommy! I will be checking in from time to time to see all the updates on you all. God bless you all! Enjoy your move and your new job.