Sunday, May 31, 2009


Grizzly has always attracted a lot of attention. His size, his extra furry coat and his overt freindliness catch a lot of strangers' eyes. We can walk down the street and little old ladies will come out of the house, dishtowel over their shoulder, and great Griz by name, completely ignoring his human accompaniement. And it used to be, where ever I would go, Grizzly would go, including to several stores. Now when we go out, my constant companion is, of course, Brayden. And normally, Brayden usually attracts a lot of attention; with one minor exception. Whenever Griz is with us. On walks, at Big R, where ever-Grizzly steals the show! Half of the time, no one even notices there is a baby in the stroller! Grizzly laps up the attetnion like a water starved camel and Jeremiah and I entertain Brayden off to the side while Grizzly entertains everyone else. This happens all of the time!

Other than being outshined by the dog, Brayden has had several huge days. He rolls over and over and over and can't seem to stop himself. Occasionally he forgets that he can roll back and will throw a fit until we help the little guy out. Whenever we check on him during a nap, we always find him on his tummy. We've started to get giggles out of him (no belly laughs yet, but YAY! Mommy and Daddy are funny!), and we expect himto be on hands and knees any time. That little butt is almost always in the air when he is on his tummy. And we have to be quick to keep him contained to the blankie.

Lastly, Brayden attended his first Air Force Retirement ceremony (Lt. Colonel Laurie Moore) and a promotion ceremony (to full bird colonel) for our favorite boss Colonel (s.) Dionne. He mostly slept and flirted with the girls, but when he started screeching happy noises it was time to head out. Brayden, Grizzly and I head out on Thursday, so I don't have any pictures to post this time (busy, busy) and I expect they will be scarce for a while, but I will get them up whenever I can.

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