Saturday, December 20, 2008

To the men who read this blog-maybe you should just skip this entry...

Bra shopping is always difficult. Maybe that isn't so for many women, but I know I can get a resounding "AMEN" from the Waldbillig women. I would 100 times over rather shop for jeans or a bathing suit, and that is saying a lot. Now picture yourself in the land of "you have to get that online" know the place where you can't try anything on. Normally, we shop online. Our choices in Great Falls are limited. If they don't have it at Target, Walmart, JC Penny's or Herberger's, they don't sell it in town. All fine and dandy. UNTIL YOU NEED TO TRY SOMETHING ON-and trust me, if you have never purchased a bra, you MUST try it on!!

I have never purchased a nursing bra before. I am not all that excited about it. My past foray's into Target and Walmart have revealed two racks of nursing bras, one choice in black and one choice in white. Both of which are reasonably priced, but none the less ill fitting or the wrong size. So after a quick phone call to Herburgers revealed that they do not even sell nursing bras (?!), I went to JC Penny's where they assured me that they did, indeed, sell nursing bras. What they should have mentioned is that they only sell them for BIG girls. I am talking the sizes that fit over my head. Trust me-I tried them on, and my head was the only option! Yeah sure they all have that neat let-down flap thingy, but only for the big girls. Apparently the little girls don't nurse. So, once again, I march my pregnant huffy self out of the department store, out to my "soon to be a mommy" parking spot (which I had to fight a menopasual woman and an old man for) and start my search online.

Side note on the expecting momma parking spot: I LOVE those, and yes, although I am perfectly capable of walking from the end of the slippery, snow covered parking lot, I love the parking spot. It is a privilage I won't have much longer, and I feel special parking there, so I do.

Once I started looking online, I couldn't find a bra for less then $20 (I am very cheap, that's about what I like to spend and I have never understood why Victoria Secret charges $48 for their cheapest, most ill-fitting bra). So I relied on the reviews and ordered two different kinds of bras. One for sleeping and one for the rest of the day. The less necessary sleeping bra fits wonderfully. The highly rated, much more expensive bra could fit two sets of bossums my size in it. And there is no nice sales lady to ask: do I get this bra and wait...does the manufacturer make this with the idea that I am going to be huge in a few weeks when the old girls kick in? Or does it just NOT FIT? Because the other one fits!

These two bras have been sitting on the kitchen table, intimidating the crap out of me since they arrived in the mail over the weekend (5+ days ago), and I just finally had the courage to try them on today. And now, I have to do it all over again. Return (or not return??) the one that doesn't fit, read reviews from girls three times my size on the comfort and ease, and try again. Wish me luck-I don't have much time left in online shopping, paying for shipping, both to and from is annoying, and I don't have anyone (in person) to ask how these damn things are supposed to work.

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Tammy said...

Hey Kell,
The room looks great!!! Now all we need is a baby, We can hardly wait.
Love you,
Your mama