Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our favorite Christmas Carol this year

This year, my favorite Christmas song is a new one, not like the classics I usually favor. It is by Faith Hill, and if you click here, http://www.faithhill.com/index.php?content=videos, you can hear it. It is the second video and it is called "A Baby Changes Everything". It could be that I love it because it is just a beautiful song, or because of the little one hiccupping away in my own belly. It is an interesting season when you are growing your own little miracle.

Jeremiah and I are planning our quiet celebration, the last of just the two (four) of us. Christmas Eve (when we usually go cross country skiing) we will spend hunting for Christmas light displays and at church. Christmas day we will open our gifts (we got each other the video camera for when the little one arrives), and spend the rest of the day in bed, snuggled up watching both old (White Christmas) and new (Elf) Christmas movies over hot chocolate and brunch. And while we are enjoying our quiet, comfortable Christmas, we will miss the hullaballoo and ruckus of both of our families all day. :)

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