Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ready and waiting.

Here are the long awaited pictures of baby Suggs' bedroom.

This is the little one's closet...we are well stocked and all prepared. Now we just need baby Suggs.

This is the crib (and the baby's hospital bag-my hospital bag is my gym bag, because it already has everything in it). The green cake that you see behind the crib is amazing. There is a bunch of stuff in it, including 96 diapers!! I don't know where George (a good freind from work) found it, but it is amazing.

We have one crib sheet-we figure we will get more when we know the actual gender of the baby, and an organic mattres pad that holds 8.5 cups of water. I was SO tempted to test that out, but I think we will wait for baby Suggs.

This is our little changing station (complete with Grizzly proof diaper genie on the left). The little tin pails hold all of the creams and lotions, bathtime stuff and a few soon-to-be bear freinds from Arkansas and Alaska. The green bear my freind Kim from high school actually knitted. Herself!

There seems to be no end to the talent that has been contributed to our little one's nursery. Thanks again!!

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shazam said...

the room looks so cute! can't wait for pictures of that little one!