Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Pictures!

Here are a few pictures of our very photogenic little one:
Here is some thumb sucking action:

And here, our little one is sick of being poked:

Let's hope this isn't a personality display!!!!


Deandra said...

oh! What a sweet little baby, looks just like Anntie Deandra already-and a thumb sucker too! Yahoo for the thumsucking babies! Very sweet, thanks for sharing.

D. Kendall said...

Oh Kel!! That's awesome :)

LIFE in POTS said...

Your baby actually looks like one! Our doctor needs to work on her photo skills, I think. It is so cute, I can't wait until they are in our arms.

Emily said...

Oh wow - its amazing what the doctors are able to show you!

Deena Ellin said...

Kelley - thanks for sharing your blog with me, so much fun getting caught with your pregnancy. So excited for you guys.