Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ultrasound Day!

Today, Jeremiah had the day off, and I took the afternoon off for our plethora of doctors visits (you go to the ultrasound and then you go see the actual doc). While I was busy chugging glass after glass of water in attempt to fill my bladder and provide good photos, Jeremiah put together the crib.
It may seem kinda early for the crib business, but it gives Griz and Peanut more of a chance to prepare for their human brother or sister.
After Jeremiah got the crib all put together, we left for the ultrasound. We were about a half hour early but it was the only way to stop me from emptying my Auntie Sharon size bladder (which the baby thought was really fun to use as a pillow). Our tech was really fun and had a Lithuanian accent that was very thick (so when she asked me to roll over I didn't know what she was talking about). She got is in as early as we came and made funny jokes (and then told me not to laugh!). After she checked out all of the necessities, she scoped out the little bladder kicker. "Beautiful brain, beautiful spine, beautiful skin, beautiful feet, beautiful mouth, thumb sucker, long legs!" She got the little one to move around and even get a couple of really good profile shots before she printed them out and sent me off to the restroom. I just have to scan them into the computer tomorrow at work and I will post them for you ASAP.
We have to wait for the official report, but it is a very big baby-about a week ahead of our due date or very big! 1 pound, 6 ounces with very long legs! Wahoo!

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