Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay, a small complication

I am not sure that I am going to do all that well during labor and, I experienced my second go round with what I now know to be kidney stones. The girls at work had to scoop me off the floor and into a wheel chair to get me to the car and into the clinic. I sat on floor in a ball, clutching the chair, begging people not to touch me, until finally a nurse transfered me to another wheel chair and some how I ended up on the examining table, curled in another little ball. Then, the nurse began asking me questions...during this all consuming pain (definitly at least an 8 on a scale of 1-10), they wanted to know my last bowl movement, what I had to drink the last few days and where it hurt. I could definitly tell her where it hurt.

The first time this pain gripped me, I was out at the barn by myself...and drove home. This time, I was lucky enough for this to happen at work, where people could see that I was NOT FAKING! When the icy hot grip finally let go of the left side of my back and front sides, the OBGYN doc sent us over to the hospital to start of the fetal heart rate monitor and IV fluids. Because there was no blood in my urine (and no history of kidney problems), kidney stones were an option, but not a likely one. So I sat in the triage department on the labor and delivery floor, getting filled with fluids so the poor nurses could strain my urine. When they didn't find anything after two trips to the rest room, we got to go home. I wish I could have stayed on the fetal monitor for longer though, because it is so reassuring to hear your little ones heart beat, and not only feel the punches wriggles and wiggles, but to hear them too (it was hard to keep her/him on the monitor from all of the movement), and know the pain was not effecting the baby or was compiled by any contractions.

Of course, when we got home (Jeremiah was lucky enough to carry the biohazard bag containing the pee catcher and strainer!), and I strained my own urine (!) I found all kinds of intersting little fragments and flakes.

The good news is...this may happen again. There was no ultrasound of the kidneys or anything, just go home and strain your pee until you don't hurt anymore. Oh, and here are some drugs, because yes, this really may happen again, so really, really drink that cranberry juice and water.

I never really thought all that much about the drugs during labor. Now I think, good thing they have those drugs, otherwise, I am not going.

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