Monday, August 5, 2013

Our April in photos

 The boys love spending time with Charlotte!

We bought some crayons for them to use in the bathroom.  
They were such a huge hit, that whenever it was quiet in the house, I knew just to look in the bathtub, water or not!

Jack LOVES to share  his most prized possessions with Charlotte,

including his blankie and his Ranger's hat. 

We were trying to get a pic of all three of them together.  This worked out perfectly!
Except that she looks like she was smiling when in reality...
 she was winding up to let out one heck of a squall!

 I love those little sink baths.  :)

Hello ms. dark and serious!
She takes in everything.  I can't wait to hear all about what she is thinking some day.

Aww, baby curls!

 Our early mornings after late nights.
Charlotte is by far our best night time sleeper.
She started sleeping through the night by 2 months.
It was those mornings, though, early on, when we discovered that Wild Krats is on
PBS at 7:30 and I could sleep for just a *few* more minutes.  Yay!

Not the right nuk for little baby love!

Good morning!  It is early, but I just had to see you, mama!

Sleeping in her bassinet.

Finally-a shot where I have showered!

I love these moments...especially because so early on this girl has claimed me as her own.  No one else allowed.  At least, not while she is awake, that is for sure.

Such a good, sweet, wonderful big brother!
Especially since he wasn't scared to hurt her anymore.

Charlotte's first TV appearance on Twin Cities Live with Elizabeth Reese and James Delfino.

For a little while, her naps took place on the living room floor.  Once we moved her brothers downstairs, she could take her naps in her very own room.  But I liked taking naps with Charlotte on one side of me in the bassinet and Jack on the other side, kicking the crap out of me.  :)  And of course, Mr. B, such a wise little soul, letting us sleep and staying put in his bedroom for an entire hour.

Riding the "few wheeler" with Lilly.

Riding the four wheeler with "Yill"

Sweet little baby love in her hat and sweater set from Anne.

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