Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thoughts from today

The last two months have been hard.  Adjusting to three was easy at first, but then it got progressively harder and I haven't been very proud of my self as a mama.  I've apologized where I can and always tried harder.  But time is going so quickly and I can't seem to keep up with it all.  So instead of not posting on the blog, my love letter to my babies, I am going to post pictures later when I can and just post some quick thoughts now before I forget them.

Because today was a good day.  Finally, a good day!

Charlotte is such a mover.  A little love bug, crazy legged mover.  She made it all the way across the rug in the living room today, her little diapered, inch worm butt working hard, grunting along.  Last night she didn't want to snuggle like she normally does.  She was frustrated and mad and had been giving her daddy one heck of a time.  So when I finally calmed her down, we laid down for our snuggle.  Every night, to get her to go to sleep, we have laid down in bed, chest to chest, snuggled up and I hold her while she wiggles and kicks her way into dream land.  And last night she refused.  Every time I snuggled her in, she yelled out her little fury.  So I let her roll onto her tummy and wiggle and kick.  During the day her crazy little legs never stop long enough to let her sleep in her crib, so just like Jack, we let the swing do the moving for her and it seems to work, without the bruising that would be left by bumping into the walls of her crib.  So last night I let her work her way up to my arm and pillow and bump against that for about 5 minutes before she wore her little self out and fell asleep.  My goodness she is feisty!

Life delights Jack.  That delight escapes out of him in peels of laughter and silly shrieks.  Today at the "cookie store" every one thought he was hurt his shriek was so shrill.  But we did manage to see the trick airplane at the airport practice for about 30 seconds before disappearing from view.  Holy smokes was that a cool treat for him.  His sweet little heart is so tender-and that is so hard to remember that I need to be careful with him too.

Brayden is a bundle of feelings waiting to be hurt these days.  At four, he retreats to his room when we do something he doesn't like.  He tells us we should apologize to him for yelling at him when he was rightfully scolded-he hasn't figured out yet that we apologize when we are wrong, not just when we yell. We are working on it.  Four is such sassy new territory.  It challenges me everyday.  But today, we played together and remembered how much fun it is to enjoy each other, even if it is only jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler under it for a half an hour or so, with no one yelling or mad.  

I hope we can do it again tomorrow!

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