Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow to make a snow man

 Winter has been on a long stretch this year.  It came late and is sticking around I write this, it is March 7th and we have just received about a foot of snow.
The boys have a severe case of spring fever, asking for the lawn mower and grass and flowers and having a hard time managing to stay inside their own skin.
And either winter has to go, or the baby has to come because my coveralls don't fit anymore...

That means we get in lots of reading time.  I love how they sit when we read books, cheeks pressed against my shoulders.  :)

When this last snow storm hit (the one before the 12 incher),
the snow was perfect for snow men.  Which satisfied another request-to use the snowmen decorations Brad and Steph sent from Texas.  The boys have been waiting to use them since Christmas!
They had a great time making their creations.

Jack in the snow.  Always, always he takes a break to lie down.  Must be comfy that way.  He also loves, loves to eat the snow.  We have been working hard to teach him about clean snow! 

Brayden was so happy with his snow man!
Thanks Brad and Steph!

When Vicky and Holly (our midwives) come to check on the baby, Jack gets so excited.  He always wants to help and to check on the baby too.  It is adorable to hear him ask if he can help.  So in this picture, they let him use the doppler and helped him find the heart beat.  He was so happy!

Our little photo-bomber!

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