Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our first camping trip

Dinner by the fire, cooked on the fire!

We had some guests on our camping trip.
They just wanted to know what we had for dinner.
They always want to know what we have for dinner because they get the scrappings off of our plates.

Jack's first black eye, courtesy of big brother.
Who he calls "brodder".  Then "buddy"
"Brodder?  Buddy?  Where are you?"

Too cool, dude, too cool with your shades on!

I cannot resist a sleeping baby picture.  Aww.

Brayden's new favorite snack.
Whole, complete, entire carrots.
Love, love, love this kid.
I never would have eaten that when I was his age!

Jack thought sleeping in the tent was an amazing, wonderful, crazy thing.
He thought is was so wonderful that sleeping was a little impossible.

Look at all this stuff I can see!

So. much. FUN!

Even after a few stories, it was still impossible.
So at 10:00 he and I headed inside.
So glad our first attempt at family style camping was in our backyard.  :)

The Purcell's gave us this great idea for when it is hot.
A sprinkler under the trampoline.

Jumping Jacks on our camping trip.  :)

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