Thursday, July 12, 2012


I keep trying to write this post, but it keeps coming out c.r.a.n.k.y.  So I keep trying.  I think tonight, though, since I am resting on a miracle, this one will be a keeper.  :) Plus, someone at church was telling me today how she tries not to let her circumstances determine her happiness (took the breath right out of me when she said it!).

Brayden started taking his own photos.  Above is a couple of them. 
You can tell he gets better every time I get on the phone.  :)
The boys have been growing and changing so fast I can't even believe it.  Jack is the one who has been growing the fastest.  At his 18 month check up, he weight 27 pounds and 11.2 ounces (72%) and is 34 inches long (89%).  With a head circumference of 19 /34, that puts him in 96th percentile.  He says things like "I sad Mom?  I cry!".  Today he said "I full!"  which is a pretty abstract concept for a 19 month old.  He is also up to 5 word sentences if you can believe that!  Today when he was getting dressed after a diaper change (potty training starts Monday!)  he said "Self?!"...he wanted to get his own little pants on!  He has extra special audio powers...that kind of freak him out.  When a train goes by or a loud noise is near us he screams and cries...even in the middle of the night.  Sometimes those trains go by 6 times a night!  But he speaks well anyway.  :)

We also got to meet baby Lyla.

Here she is with her proud daddy.

Brayden and Jack got to spend a little extra time with Grammie Tammy and Bapa Steve.
Jack is a natural at fishin.  Even tries to kiss the fishies before they go back into the water.
Brayden enjoys his swimming much more than fishing, though, I think.  Though, he has caught quite a few fishes himself!

We also used the slip and slide. 
I say "we" pretty loosely.  Daddy was at work, and a few days before that I fell off the mustang and wasn't ready for any running leaps down a slipper slope.  So the boys kind of had to figure it out with out a demo.
So they hopped.  
Let's give this a try here...

Super Fun!

Whoa, super cold!

Definitely worth doing again! 

Speaking of speaking, when we were celebrating Lincoln's birthday, Jack and I were sharing a bowl of ice cream.  Spoon for him, spoon for me.  I got the last spoonful.  Jack looked at me and said "more cream?"  I said no.  Then he narrowed his eyes at me and said "'tinker!"  Ha!  He was calling me a stinker!  He is so smart!

Lincoln said something to Brayden at the same party, that made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants.  I don't remember what Brayden said but Lincoln turned and looked at him and said, "You are shit out of luck" without missing a beat.  Ha!

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