Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nest Watch: 2011

There are things I love about living in the country.

There are things I hate about living in the country. The return of spiders in every corner of our house that refused to be killed off by rather constant vaccuming, the always immenint threat of shoes, tissues and fly swaters and the return of misquitos, ants and mice.

What do I love about living in Rural America? Lots. But today, today it is our Nest Watch.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are expecting babies!

Twelve misquito, fly, grub and beatle eating babies! We will only keep 4 of them, the rest will be up for sale. We hope the four we keep will be able to put up with their dad, the attack duck.

On another note, Brayden and Jack spent some time alone with their daddy today. Jeremiah was in the kitchen when he heard Brayden say "Stuck! Stuck Daddy! Jack Stuck!" He dropped what he was doing with one thought on his mind. "Uh oh!"

This is what he found. He had put his beloved new helmet on his little brother's head, carefully snapped the snap and then stepped back to watch. When he tried to get it back, he couldn't undo the strap...and Jack was indeed "stuck"! :)

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