Saturday, May 21, 2011

All in One Day.

I had to work this rainy Saturday morning. While I was working, there was also an unrelated hospital sponsored bike rodeo giving away free helmets. So I called up my fellas, and they arrived just in time to score one.

We knew Brayden would love it. Little toughie here didn't even want to take it off for his nap. We had to bargin hard to keep him from wearing it to the birthday party this afternoon.

All the while, it rained. It rained hard.

Then it rained harder.

Then the sun shone.

Ad then the skies opened up and dropped an unfathomable amount of rain, trapping us at the birthday party for an extra hour or so.

Another neighbor gave us a ride across the street because it was raining so hard, and we had the boys.

Later, we poked our heads out to find the creek was swollen up to the gate on the pasture. Then the neighbor called to tell us our pond had flooded the street. We didn't believe her, so we went out to look.

We should have believed her. It was up across our driveway, across the street and filled up a good part of the pasture.

We hope it goes down tomorrow. And we are gratefull the horses are at Auntie Danielle's house and not swimming through the fence.

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