Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Time Fun

This is the lake at my mom and dad's house in the middle of the winter. Just before the lake is a pretty steep hill. Great for winter fun! It was both Jeremiah and Brayden's first time sledding.
Jack is just a tad young still! Grizzly came too.

Deandra, Mav, Linc and Nick were all there too.

Everyone had fun!

Brayden had a blast. It was pretty cold (about 4 degrees) and when you aren't running back up the hill, or carrying someone back up the hill, you just don't warm up. So he only got a few trips down the hill before we sent him back inside with Lincoln, Mav and Grammie. He was unsure the first time down, but wanted to go again and again after that. He said "I did it" and "more"!

Even after a wipe out!

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