Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2nd Birthdays and First Laughs

Brayden had a birthday recently. He turned two. Two years old! Holy Smokes!

We had a party the Sunday before to celebrate and all of the little neighbor buddies came over to celebrate along with any aunties and uncles that weren't being treated for whooping cough or barfing (that left Auntie Danielle and Grammie and Buppa).

Brayden's all time favorite new toy...His very own tool set!!
Now the grown up tools are safe in their hiding spots, thank goodness.
He hasn't put the hammer down for the entire week. The screwdriver has also been around most of the time too.
Before that, Brayden loved trains ("TWAINS!!" or "Where twains, Mamma? Where twains?"). So I thought it would be fun to make a birthday cake that looked like his beloved train. This is as close as I could come.
He was having a good time until everyone started signing to him. He couldn't quite figure that out...nor did he really like it. :)
At least, after it was over, he got to kick back and enjoy some cake!
And there were other cool presents, too!

In Jack news, at his 2 month well baby check, we found out he weighs 13 pounds!!! Last night, after Brayden went to bed, I laid Jack down on his blankie for some tummy time. I went into the kitchen to get some candy (of course) and when I came back he was on his back! Jeremiah had just come home a minute before that, so I asked him if he flipped Jack over. He said "no, why?" Because he just rolled over and we both missed it!!!!! Oh boy, here comes the second baby syndrome! In other major milestone news, he laughed for the first time (which I did manage to catch on video). It was such a beautiful little giggle-inspired by the freinds on his mobile. The same ones that Brayden loved so much when he was Jack's age.

The good news is, that it is like Jack has always been a part of our lives. Brayden worries over him constantly. "Jack, too, Mamma?" He is always asking if Jack will be going with us where ever we go, asks where Jack is and what Jack is doing. He sure does dote on his little brother!
To be fair, it's pretty hard not to! :)

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