Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh the Things a Two Year Old can Do.

He can identify a circle, square and star. One of his favorite past times is to color on the new easel he received for Christmas, and he can scrawl a very beautifully lopsided circle.

He loves to push his chair around the kitchen and "help" us cook or bake or play with bubbles in the sink. He can also push a taller chair, of which he can now climb to the top of, to reach anything on the table, counters and desks. Anything. Especially all of the things that used to be blessedly out of reach.

He can get into anything, including the fridge. Especially while Mommy is nursing Jack. A fridge lock seems to be in the near future. A store that sells patience and better hiding places would also be nice.

He can hop, skip, jump, throw, hit a baseball off a tee, put his dishes in the sink, move his step stool to turn lights off and on, fix things with his hammer and screwdriver and go to his room when he is told (even if he doesn't stay in there like he is supposed to).

He can pick out a book that talks about a tower of blocks from three Baby Einstein books that look identical to me. He points out a bunch of the shapes and talks about building a tower with his own blocks. It took me a long time to figure out where he got the word "tower" from.

He can go pee pee on the potty. Someday, we'll tell him to go "drain his weasel". Uncle Tim says that and it is hilarious. Right now, we might still have a weasel living in our house, so that would just be confusing.

He is pretty good at brushing his teeth, combing his hair and his favorite way to take a bath is a shower with his daddy (who he calls "daddy my daddy" or "buddy daddy").

He can ask for help instead of scream or whine and we are working on "have it please" instead of "mine". Sometimes a guy just means "ITS MINE", but sometimes he really means "Can I please have it", and that is what we are working on now.

He knows STOP! and GO! and we practice it at the grocery store when Mommy, Jack and Brayden all go together. He also helps put the produce in the bag and then wings it over the top rail of the cart. He does the same with bread, boxes and a few cans. It's one of the reasons Jack rides in the front pack.
Books with great pictures will hold has attention for about an hour (no parental help necessary). Sesame Street holds his attention so well that he won't blink for the same amount of time.
He is very gentle with his little brother and gives him smoochies from about two inches away (which is very much fine with his mommy).
He tells very dramatic stories with hand gestures, tells us to "Wait!" and Grizzly to "Stop!".
He makes us laugh and drives us crazy and we love being his parents.

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