Friday, January 28, 2011


They look like angels.

They giggle and chatter like adorable little monkeys.

They fart like frat boys and burb like old men who can't tell that people in China can hear them.

At least at our house they do.

Do little girls do that?
I remember last winter, when Brayden's nose was a never ending faucet of yuck, how much he laughed when a bite of his pancake got stuck to his snotty face. And a Cheerio.

Today, Jack was getting burped and something so big and so loud came out of him that I would have looked around the room to find out who else could have possibly made that noise had he not started to choke and cough halfway through it.

We keep working on "excuse me", but we seem to have lost the fine art of covering your mouth when you cough or projectile sneeze on books, floors, mammas and brothers. We've got the word "yuck!" down pretty good though.


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