Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brayden and Grizzly

My mom and dad were here this last weekend. Dad and Jeremiah replaced the roof on our three season porch (it was a very lovely 60 degrees!). Mom watched Brayden while I trucked out to a health fair to represent the hospital with 5 pounds of muscle, 5 pounds of fat, the BMI chart and a scale.

Both of my parents thought it was a little bit hilarious that Grizzly drags his "stick" around the yard. It was a branch that fell off of the tree in the backyard that we thought was so beautiful and haunting when we first moved in. Grizzly likes it because some kind of little critter lives in there (he is a fantastic mouser!), and he just drags it around the yard. As you can see, he has his choice of sticks...but he likes the big ones I guess.

Mom also took some cute pictures of our little Brayden Butt.
Also known as Little Booger.
The one I am currently growing is the Little Stinker.

I hope the Little Stinker loves Grizzly as much as the Little Booger does.
And I hope Grizzly loves and watches out for the Little Stinker as much as he does for
the Little Booger.

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