Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Keeping Brayden entertained while I make dinner is no small feat. Sometimes I get lucky and he just entertains himself. Sometimes that entertainment takes the form of a cup of juice (and plea's for 'mo shuice?'), or crackers or pulling my stretchy pants down, while he tries to climb my legs to sit on top of the baby bump. So the other day when things were quiet, I was a little nervous. Then Brayden pulled this into the kitchen, giggeling like he had just discovered the world's funniest toy:

Turns out, it was a pretty good one! Nothing new, just a new mode of transportation, I guess.

It's Peanut! I have to say, she sure is a much better cat than I ever hoped she would be. Between Grizzly's babysitting and Peanut's entertaining, we could probably leave him home alone for the day and they would all three be just fine together. Cost of daycare: dog food and kitty chow. Cost of good entertainment: Priceless!

Over the weekend, we decided it was time to go apple picking. And while the late frost took most of the apple blossoms and prevented them from becoming apples, we still took home a bushel of already picked beauties.
But before that...

We picked raspberries!

Timmy, who spent the night in honor of his sixth birthday, found the MONSTER raspberries!

It was really hard not to eat them all instead of putting them into the container. Little did we know, we hadn't even come close to meeting our match! As we were finishing up with the red berries, one of the hay rides came by and mentioned the golden raspberries...and how the tour guide hadn't yet tasted them, but heard they were delicious, and ripe meant a deep golden color.
We hadn't even noticed those bushes (and apparently we weren't alone)!
So we stepped over and had a sample. It turns out that they taste like sweetened sunshine. We were unable to stop ourselves from stuffing them into our mouth! So I ran back and grabbed another container and we took home quite the treasure. Jeremiah even made golden raspberry pancakes on Sunday morning. Yum.

This is what they look like, and I am on the hunt for golden raspberry bushes. And if you like red raspberries, you probably should be too!

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