Saturday, September 25, 2010

comparison at 30 weeks

New little baby is one thing for sure. S.T.R.O.N.G. And little baby loves mamma's ribs. Between pushing out, out, out (owie!) and running a little foot up and down my ribs, little baby keeps me entertained from about dinner to bed time and quite a bit during the day. Here is a photo comparison of week 31 and week 30Jeremiah likes to say I am a LOT bigger this time than last time. I think so too, but no one saw the belly last time, so no one believes us. Here is the proof:

31 weeks and 30 weeks
I love those beards...I never have enough reasons to use them! Ha!

Brayden has been up to some mischief these days too.

-He climbs into bed on his own these days. Then he tackles his pillow, waits to be covered up and lifts his head up for a bedtime smoochie. Then he lifts up lambie for a smooch and kitty for a smooch. Occasionally this is repeated until Mommy or Daddy's kisser is worn off and we finally tuck him in one last time with his two favorite blankies, shut off the light and close the door as he waves bye bye.

-He also climbs out of bed on his own these days. We can hear him wake up from our bedroom on a Saturday, either singing or crying, and when he takes a breath from either one, we say "Brayden? Out?" and he says "Yeah!" and we hear his little feet patter out of bed, across the hallway and his little arms are reaching "Up!" so he can be swung up to laugh and giggle with Peanut for a little while before breakfast.

-We have a book we have been reading about babies. When we get to the page that says "sometimes babies cry", Brayden makes a very anguished crying face just like the cartoon baby in the book, and we laugh our butts off. It's funny every time.

-This morning I forgot something and was halfway to daycare before I realized it and said "s**t", which he promplty repeated. Oops. I knew that was coming.

-He can throw a really good tantrum!

-He makes really good lion, puppy, horsey, kitty, cow and duck noises (none of which are the normal noises a kid would identify to each animal, but pretty close to what our animals actually sound like). He can also tell you where all of his little body parts are, where his hat and socks go and will honk your nose if you let him. "Out" is his favorite word, second only to "outshide?" and all of his s sounds are more of a sh sound for some reason.

-He ran around Tractor Supply yesterday with a straw hat that had a green brim/sunshade just like Grandpa Al used to wear out fishin. It was about 14 sizes too big, but was so cute, that I kept kicking myself for not having my camera. He wore it while he flirted with all of the ladies.

That is all my pregnant brain can remember the moment, hope it enterians you!


Kayla said...

Yep, I see what you mean. You are bigger this time. But still not HUGE! You would be very encouraged if you were to see another one of my friends that is pregnant. She is HUGE compared to you...think like nearly twice your belly size and she's only got one baby too! (I'm not saying that to be rude to her! I really hope that didn't come out wrong!) You still look great! I'm planning on doing a comparison picture on my blog next week for the five month mark...and as part of the announcement after our ultrasound (wednesday).

Deandra said...

Yep your tummy is a bit bigger but.......your belly has been stretched before!! Love the pics. very cute!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, You look wonderful! Can't wait to see you in person this weekend. Love you, Momma