Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Father's Day and a perfect 350

Brayden made this for his daddy at daycare. It was his Father's Day present.
It is covered in his sweet little hand prints and says "You Rock My World!"
Isn't that so sweet?!?
I think Jeremiah thought it was pretty special.

Just days before Father's Day (we celebrated on that Saturday), our very lovely new oven was delivered. And, the house was converted over to natural gas, so it could even be hooked up...and used! And the house no longer smells yucky, like propane! Yea!
You will notice the knobs are missing, but don't be alarmed. They did arrive with the oven, we just have to keep them in the drawer, away from those cute little fingers that like to turn and twist! All together, it is a pretty cool oven/stove. The stove part can either have a griddle down the middle (!) or be regular, large burner.

And the best part is....(drumroll please!) It heats up to the desired tempature!
And then it stays there until you turn it off!
I kind of forgot ovens were supposed to do that! ;)
And yes, those are sticky little handprints on the door.
They kind of come with the territory!
Thanks again Fairy Godmothers! We made Father's Day extra special because of the breakfast and Snicker's Cake we could make him!

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