Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

Here are some quick pictures from Independance Day. I never broke out my camera (I don't know why), so these are a few from my mom's collection.

We went swimmin' off dock.

It was a little nerve rattling for Brayden.

Auntie Deandra tried to show him how much fun it was

But you just never know what you are going to find out there!

We had more fun later, when we didn't have to wear our life jacket, and Mavie could show us how to kick like a pro.

And as always, we spent some time with whatever critters we could find.

On Sunday, when Daddy had to work, we went up to the Robinson's cabin in Brainerd and hung out with the Waldbilling Nation
(yes there are enough to be a "nation", and no, they are not all in this picture...this is about 75% of the grandkids, and all of the great grandkids so far with Grandpa Al).

Oh, and I almost forgot. On Sunday morning, Brayden woke up very early...around 6am. So I filled him a milk cup and snuggled him into bed with me and ignored his wiggling around in hopes that sleep would find him again. About two seconds later, he peeled one of my eyes open and said "itsokay!".
It's okay, Mamma! Time to get up!

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