Thursday, June 3, 2010

We went to Grammie and Grampies the Saturday of Memmorial Day Weekend. The lake was crazy, and the fish didn't bite, but we didn't go there for that anyway.

We went for the treats and the shoreline!
When you are as close in age as these two are, you are bound to try your tricks out on each other. Don't worry, Lincoln Jack is actually playing defense in this picture. We thought they were going to smooch each other (Brayden is quite the smoocher these days), but Brayden kept trying to whack Linc, so Linc thought he'd sneak one in quick. So much for kisses!

Brayden loves popcorn. It's only the second time he's ever had it, but he can't help it. It's in his genes. That and cereal with milk (when he can have milk). S'mores are a pretty fun treat too.
Check out the marshmellow beard!

All that sunshine, though, it's enough to exhaust a guy!

Here are some quick pictures of some of the flowers growing around the yard. At least the ones that our bull-in-a-china-shop-chasing-a-chipmunk dog hasn't destroyed.
This color variation is my fav!

Of course, Brayden wants me to tell you about the clover and
dandielions that grow so well here too!
We were lucky enough not to plant any of these (especially the dandilions!)

And you should also know that Bailey hearts Brayden.
Brayden is very curious about her until she makes a big noise and then he is
a bit terrified.
Buella wants nothing to do with any of us.
She has escaped three times.
We have to coax her back with grain.
I keep reminding myself it was months before Bailey and I were buds.

It doesn't help when I am running to corral Grizzly into the garage, put Brayden someplace safe, calm the bucking rodeo star that the mustang turns into when her little buddy is AWOL, grab a rope, open the gate and FIND THE GRAIN BUCKET!!!


Kayla said...

It looks so different at your parents house this time of year! Man! I'm going to have to make a trip sometime during the summer!

LIFE in POTS said...

I LOVE the HAIR!!!!