Saturday, April 25, 2009

You just never know what you are going to find...

I always keep the camera in Brayden's diaper bag. That way, we never miss an opportunity for a great picture. Like this week for example, as we were passing Western Ranch Supply on errands, we saw...camels!

This is Katie. She is an Asian camel.

This is Winter. And I wanted Brayden's picture with her, but wasn't sure how to get it myself. So I asked the camel guy to take our picture with her. He obliged, but then the wind started blowing and when I was trying to get my hair out of my face he snapped the picture (I didn't want to ask for another one). Besides-Brayden didn't seem to thrilled (zoom in on his face!).

We also went swimming in the Warm Pool.

Brayden is an excellent swimmer!

We belive he could easily beat Micheal Phelps in

the 50 freestyle.

But we also think that when he is tired and fussing he says

"night-night" and "mama" and "dadda" and that

when Daddy is holding his hands that he walks around the living room.
He also says "hi", but of couse doesn't know what any of that means.
We love his babbles!

Right after we went swimming, he was pretty tuckered out!

Brayden also discovered flying this last week.
He really seems to enjoy drooling on us!

I love that little butt!

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