Monday, April 27, 2009


When Brayden goes to bed before 8pm, the nights are a little bit rough.
So we decided to try to keep him awake.
Normally we do that by taking a walk.
Seeing as it is snowing, and 7 inches are expected,
tonight we read a book.

And for a little while, it worked.
Then I remembered how much he loved the
mobile from his pack and play
(which, coincidentally, has the same freinds as the swing).
so we dug it out and tried it!

He was WIDE awake for quite a while,
kicking his little feet to ask for more when the
spinner stopped spinning his freinds around.
Peanut loves when we try these shenanigans!

It actually worked so well, we had to move it out from over his crib to get him to go to sleep!

Too bad we bought another stupid mechanical lights and songs and showy mobile. I had searched everywhere for a mobile that was less then $40, and not lights and songs. Too bad I didn't just look in the pack and play!

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LIFE in POTS said...

Orson loves his mobile too...we have to turn the lights out on it if we have any hope of getting him asleep!