Sunday, April 5, 2009

On a Wing and A Prayer

This past week, Brayden and I took one last trip. I had a second interview in Minnesota, so he and I packed up and parted from Daddy one more time. This time, we even had some company. Kayla and her little six week old dolly came with us. And all I can say is thank God, because there were some very blizzardy parts of the trip! Our first day of travel was clear and bright and just as it got dark, the roads started to get questionable. We stopped at a hotel for the night and called it quits.

The second day we had white out conditions, so we did everything in the car.

We ate in the car...

We changed diapers in the car...
We kept hitting the road again as quickly as we could, but we stopped to take this picture of the hub caps. That is how yucky it was outside.

The little ones had lots of firsts...including a sleep over! Brayden and Jordan shared the same pack and play and seemed completely undisturbed by each other. Brayden is old enough that he noticed Jordan (when they were awake) but Jordan is still a bit young for baby friends.

The best part of the trip was that we stayed the Grammie and Buppa! Brayden had lots of company. Great Auntie DeeDee, Joycee, Janelle, Auntie Sharon and cousin Kayla all got the chance to love him up (unfortunalty, almost everybody was loving him in the rocking chair and that doesn't make for good pictures).

Brayden also got meet his cousins! Including baby-crazy Mavie!

Here are all of the boys (just missing Gavin).

On the way home, we took a little more time. We even went into gas stations to change diapers and stretch!
We spent one night at the hotel and we took the babies swimming. They loved it! Unfortunalty the person taking the picture didn't know how to use the camera and we don't have any pictures. But we can't wait to do it again (swim that is-no more driving!!).
Both babies were angels the entire trip.

Here we are finally back at home, relaxing and spreading out in our familiar bathroom sink. I think this will be the last sink bath for our fast growing little one. It is getting harder and harder to keep in him warm and the water in the sink.

This was our last trip for a while. I go back to work on Tuesday. Hopefully the next one will be to stay!

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Kayla said...

Wow, you are quick! I really want to post about our trip but I am still working to get back into the swing of things!