Sunday, April 12, 2009

Facing Forward

Happy Easter! This was a big week in our household. Our beautiful little red house on top of the hill officially went on the market. We have had 5 showings in three days and keeping the house this clean and organized (with the spring shedding dog and cat) isn't the exhausting part. It is the being gone during the showing. We get a two hour notice, which is really nice, and then we pack up the dog and the baby (Peanut gets to stay) and head out; the only issue is that it throws Brayden's nap schedule off so he doesn't sleep and gets over tired...and that is the hard part! Other then that, he remains his happy, smiley, wiggely, fast growing self, and we can't imagine life without the joy that he surprises us with every day (and back to middle of the night!).

We went to the Faith Center for church this morning and after the first half hour of joyfulness (Brayden was VERY surprised by the applause) his eyes shut inspite of himself and he slept through the rest of the service and brunch at Perkins. (His onsie says "mommies little jelly bean"!)

After church we put the camera on the timer and took just a little too long. It was time to eat (five seconds before the timer went off, he was sleeping), and that is why you don't see Griz and Peanut.

Some of our neighbors have fantastic decorations for every holiday. When we were out for our walk, we snapped a quick picture-hope they don't mind (or at least, didn't notice!).

And also this week, Brayden began facing forward himself. In the front pack/Baby Bjorn, Brayden was happy to watch the house get a few last minute touch ups from chest height. He loves to be part of his world!

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shazam said...

that last picture is um... interesting. what is more interesting, however, is the fact that my friends play in the world's largest trivia contest every year (which is this coming weekend) and their team name is....."NEVER TRUST A BABY WITH A MUSTACHE!!"