Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So, here we are, 31 weeks pregnant, the last week of the 7th month. Into the single digit count down...9 weeks to go! Jeremiah had to take the polish off of my toenails last night, as reaching them for extended periods of time has become quite difficult. He is such a good husband. We have had a busy couple of weeks, between baby showers, traveling and Nicholas's wedding (the last of the Waldbillig children is married off!), but we are finally settling back into our routine and the baby's room is almost complete (thanks to two wonderful, wonderful showers!!). Our little one is well equiped for rain or shine, sleep or play, poop or pee! We'll post some pictures of the baby's room once it is a little more organized. For now, just imagine baby clothes that have been washed and drawers that have been lined, blankets hanging over the crib waiting their turn in the spin cycle and lotion and diaper rash ointment marching across the dresser.

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Tammy said...

Hi honey,
You look wonderful!!! I think you may have gained another pound since we last saw you. It was great to see you for Nicks wedding.
Love you,