Saturday, November 1, 2008

Did you know...?

-Women who continue to exercise throughout pregnancy have a higher incidence of uncomplicated, spontaneous delivery and that their length of labor was shorter than those that did not exercise, by nearly one third?

-Exercising during pregnancy provides greater energy reserves and enables women to cope more easily with the everyday tasks of living?

-Staying stretched and flexible reduces back discomfort, muscular tension and leg cramping?

-Women who exercise throughout their pregnancy gain (on average) 8 pounds less then women who did not exercise?

-Exercise helps to keep the digestive system regular?

-Babies born to mamma's who exercsie throughout the pregnancy are less stressed during the delivery process?

-Women who do not exercise during their pregnancy retain 3 times more pregnancy weight then those who exercise?

-Moms who exercise re-gain, on average, 85% of their prepreganncy abdominal tone, while non exercisers only gain 48%?

-Exercise helps reduce swelleing?

-Moms are better able to meet the demands of motherhood when they feel fit and healthy?

Now, I may be biased because this is what I do for a living, but I think those are pretty good points. The last point-babies born to mamma's who exercise are born with fewer fat cells...and you don't get to change how many fat cells you are born with. They just grow and shrink throughout your lifetime.

This is me, 28 Weeks Pregnant (7 months!!), right after yoga class, 5 days till Minnesota!