Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How the Only Wendy's in Town Almost Went Up in Flames...

I had my first afternoon workout today (preceded and finished with a hearty snack) since I started growing this little ball of flutters. I have finally figured out how to eat to manage my energy levels so I could work out at end of the day (instead of the pre-dawn hours). I knew I was going to be walking the hunger line, in spite of my post workout snack, though, because I had to run a few errands on my way home. Well that inkling of hunger coupled with the pregnant nose demanded a cheeseburger from Wendy's (that may disgust me later, but at the time I was pursuing with single minded, dogged determination).

Seeings as I have a pretty good sense of smell to start with and can now smell someone smoking a cigarette in the car 6 stoplights ahead of me on the only road in Great Falls that has "rush hour traffic", and occasionally consider inviting myself to the neighbors' dinner table, the three hamburger joints on the way to run errands only fueled the hunger. I bypassed all of my errands and only cut off two cars as I swerved into the Wendy's parking lot on the other side of the street. Halleluja, there weren't even other cars in the drive through!! I ordered my cheeseburger, baked potato and small coke, paid my dollars to the first window and impatiently waited at the second window. The guy handed my bag over and I waited paitently for the coke...when he came back a few minutes (!) later and handed me two frosty's, I kindly handed them back and told him that I was waiting for a coke (then I knocked on the window and asked for a straw). I pulled away into "rush hour traffic" happily sipping my delicious fountian coke in anticipation of my hamburger. I crossed my two lanes of traffic into the left hand turn lane and waited to make my turn. When the craving got the best of me, I opened the bag for my tasty little dinner delight. After unwrapping a CHICKEN SANDWICH and shreiking "THIS ISN'T WHAT I ORDERED", I caught the green arrow squealed the Xterra around the corner, squeezed between two oncoming cars and made it into the parking lot of the store next to Wendy's. I slammed the car door shut, marched my increasingly pissed off, hungry, baby growing belly into the Wendy's and slammed the chicken sandwich on the counter. When the heavily tattoooed, balloon shaped man behind the counter asked if he could help me, I said "THIS ISN'T WHAT I ORDERED!" in my nicest, I'm going to burn down your facility if you don't fix this quickly, voice. After FIVE entire minutes he gingerly placed the cheeseburger before me, thanked me for waiting patiently (I am surprised my hair didn't start on fire) and made sure I was out the door before he made fun of me.

When I got out the door, I checked to make sure it was indeed a cheeseburger, and then hurried over to the car a few parking lots over and enjoyed every last lick of ketchup, onion and cheese that covered the hamburger and its bun, slurped my little coke and licked the remaining sour cream off of the package when the baked potatoe was gone.

I felt like Grizzly after he gets a really good belly rub!
For those of you who have never had a pregnant craving, DO NOT dismiss it! I suffered for a week alternating between canoli and popcorn cravings, and couldn't get either because I was at a conference in Nashville with no access to transportation. On the last day of the conference they served a snack of...canoli's and popcorn! The other people must have thought I was crazy when they saw me stuff my purse with popcorn and then leave with a canoli in each hand. But I was finally, finally sated. More then that I was one happy, happy prego! There is nothing like the happiness that comes from a satisfied craving! But try to thwart it, and man alive, you are asking for your fast food joint to be lit on fire.

Two and half days until Jeremiah (and the camera) comes home! Hopefully he makes all of his flights and arrives on Saturday. We'll try to post a new picture this weekend so you can see us. :)

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Deandra said...

Good girl, it's about time you start to eat something! I expect to see a big behind when you get home in November.........If you do not have a big rear i am going to be very MAD! (and jealous) Way to eat a cheeseburger! Love ya,