Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today around 10am I started craving whipped cream...not cool whip or ready whip, but home made whipped cream...with nutmeg and cinnimon. By three o'clock, I desperately wanted home made whipped cream with apples. Yum! The biggest bummer about your husband being gone is that when a craving hits hard, there is no one to stop at the store on the way home and pick it up for you. But I wasn't giving up on the whipped cream. I stopped on the way home and got a little half of a pint and Grizzly and I snacked on apples and whipped cream while I made dinner and then again for dessert (well, Grizz had more carrots and whipped cream, but I am still not on good terms with the vegetables, so I stuck with the apples).

It's the first craving I have had for readily accesible (relatively) food. A Carbone's special (without meat) and fried cheese on a stick from the State Fair still haven't shown up on the front step...I can't wait for Nick's wedding in November. i hope somebody has that fried cheese on a stick in the freezer for me, because we WILL be stopping at Carbone's on the way home from the airport...I've already called in the order!

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tammy said...

Hi Kell,
Is Jacquie OK?? How are you feeling and what are you eating?
I'm lovin this blog.
Love you,
your mama