Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We have a reader!

Well, it is official.

We have  a reader.

Brayden brought home his first book from kindergarten yesterday.  And then he read it to us!
It was awesome!  First we fought about the letter "I", because the printer wrote the letter so it looked like a lowercase "l" and we couldn't figure out how to get past that.  Since "I" was the first word, and it was a 10 minute struggle, we put the book away to try again later.

When we sat down together again, it was smooth sailing.  B had to remember not to just read me the letters, but to put them together to makes sounds.  It was amazing to watch and feel.  We are so proud of him.  He never backs down from a challenge these days (not even his mommy or daddy, eek!), and we can't wait to watch as his life unfolds.

It has also been fun to watch Charlotte learn new words.  She watches closely at how the word is formed in your mouth.  Then she thinks about it, studies it and slowly forms it over and over in her sweet little mouth, repeating it.  Today it was nnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!  Nnnaaappp.  ppp. pp.  Nap!

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