Friday, July 11, 2014

Best part of the day

Jack just told me, after finishing blowing Charlie her nap time kisses, "mama, I am going to marry Charlotte, not you any more."  Okay, buddy.  Mama's already married so Charlotte is a little bit better.  :)

Each fella plans to have at least 2 horses.

Brayden plans to have 6 kids and live at Auntie Danielle's house after she goes to Heaven, as long as that is okay with is wife.

Jack wants to live close to Brayden.

Charlotte loves to sit on my lap and look at the pictures in horse magazines and make horsey noises.  Then, if she sees a picture of someone kissing a horse, she kisses all of the horses.  :)

Charlotte goes down for nap first.  I clean her up from lunch and we tell the big brothers night-night.  They blow her kisses.  At first she would just sit in my arms and smile and soak up their silly kisses.  Sometimes instead of blowing, they would land sloppy, drippy kisses on her feet or hands or nose or eyeballs.  And of course she soaks it all up with a grin, like a little princess with her royal subjects.  Now she blows kisses back, and is still blowing kisses when I deposit her in her crib with her blankie.

Best part of the day.  :)

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Melissa Suggs said...

Love this joy you have!