Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mama, who am I gonna marry?

A couple of moths ago, Jeremiah worked really, really hard to win a competition at work.  The prize was a gift certificate to Best Buy.  After buying a few little things for himself and movies for his babies, he handed the card over to me and said "Pick out a new camera".  We have been playing with it ever since.  Here are some of the results.


Lately, Brayden and Jack (mostly Brayden) keep asking "mama, who am I gonna marry?"  He asks a lot, actually, with his one track mind.

He has asked so many times that Jeremiah and I pulled out our wedding gear and put them on for him, Jack and Charlotte.  Jeremiah put his vest on and I put on my wedding dress. 

Brayden stared at us with wide eyed wonder.
Jack hid in the bathroom.

Brayden, at five years old, decided that he is going to marry Olympic figure skater, Gracie Gold.
Jack, at three, decided he is going to marry the fiery wild haired tomboy Merida from the movie Brave.
I couldn't have picked better matches for them!

Silly boys! 

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