Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brayden and Jack's letters to Santa

This year, Santa sent Brayden and Jack both messages through my email!
He told them that they had both made the NICE LIST!
The boys were thrilled to hear Santa use their names, nodding along in wide eyed wonder as he spoke about all of the wonderful things they have done and accomplished this year, including being such good brothers to their new baby sister.  Their beautiful little eyes were shining and their sweet faces full of wonder.

Their little hearts were motivated to make Santa a message too.  Brayden even gave me specific directions on how to send it through the computer.

This is what their very first letters to Santa looked like and what they said:

Jack's letter says:  "Dear Santa;  Thank you for the present.  Love, Jack"

This is Brayden's letter.

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