Friday, November 15, 2013


The boys love to help with Charlotte's bath (which tends to dramatically shorten my patience).  So this time, when Jack asked if he could take a bath with Charlotte, I just threw him in with her.
Turns out, you can fit all three Suggs kids in the tub at once!

My big guy!
He started helping me process tomatoes.  And he is really, truly a big help.  He washes the tomatoes and cuts the X in the bottom so that they can peel after they are blanched.

Love bug.
The other day he told me he wished he was a girl so he could be a mommy and have babies.  :)

Another Suggs' Family tradition:  The Buffalo FD Open House

Riding in the fire truck.

Using the hose!

Checking out the helicopter!

Playing in the box tunnel we made

Goofing around in Charlie's bedroom.

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