Friday, November 15, 2013

Baby C's Dedication

Charlotte was dedicated in September.  Her god parents are Aunt Trisha and Aunt Chrissy.  
It was a very sweet, emotional dedication.  Charlotte, whose birthday was very eventful, was dedicated at on the same day as the twins who were born a few months early.  We spent several weeks praying for them and it was so powerful that to be dedicated at the same time.

After each service Pastor Keith walks down the aisle and blesses us each with a prayer.  It is this prayer that I look forward to each Sunday, and the main reason we chose Riverwood to call home.
The Lord Bless You and Keep you;
The Lord make His face to shine upon you and 
be gracious to you.
Aunt Trisha and Aunt Chrissy gifted baby Charlotte with a precious moments figure that was inspired by that blessing.  I love those mysterious moments that are so clearly guided by the Lord's hand.

Grandma Karen got to stand in Aunt Chrissy's place.

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